Chippewa Falls Youth Football
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CFYF Flag Football (2nd-6th Grade)

2nd-3rd Grade Flag Football

Our 2nd and 3rd grade flag football league is for players who will be entering those grades for the school year in which the season runs. This flag football league is meant to be an introductory league for players to learn the basics of the sport of football.

4th-6th Grade Flag Football

The fundamental concepts and skills of football are emphasized through continued development. First time players are still encouraged to participate as they will be able to develop their skills and knowledge of the sport. This is also a great option for players who may be unsure about joining our 5th and 6th grade youth tackle football league.


  • Our flag football league compromises of players who are in the 2nd through 6th grades for that season.
  • There are two separate flag divisions, 2nd/3rd Grades and 4th-6th Grades.
  • We, as an organization, stress the fundamentals and safety of the sport while encouraging players to become good citizens through positive adult leadership.
  • Players will be split evenly onto teams after practices have begun.
  • Teams are under the leadership of the head coach and coaching staff. The coaching staff will communicate out expectations as well as dates and times for practices, games, etc.
  • CFYF coaches are certified through USA Football to ensure they are up to date on the latest techniques, rules, and safety practices.



  • Practices will initially be on Tuesdays and Thursdays evenings until games start.
  • Once games start, practices will be 1 day per week on Tuesdays.
  • Flag players will practice together to develop skills and work with other coaches.
  • Time will also be provided for single teams to work together to practice their plays, drills, etc.


  • 1 game per week on Thursdays evenings.
  • Games are roughly 1 hour in length.


  • 2024 fee information to come.

Work Shifts

Our league is operated by volunteers whom love the sport and want to provide an opportunity to our youth. In order to ensure we can continue successfully operate while keeping our registration fees down we ask that each player's parents/guardians contribute through completing work shifts. These shifts are activities that we need extra help with and range from concessions to field maintenance. We require 1 shift per player for tackle football of which can be opted out of at $50 per shift ahead of the season. Parents/guardians who coach or are team parents are excluded for that season from the required work shifts.


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